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The Rest of the Draft Stash

I briefly entertained the idea of trying to post each of the Tigers' remaining draft picks from yesterday, but that just ain't gonna happen. You can read a complete list of Detroit's 2007 draft class at

I guess it had to be expected, but I was still happy to see the team stock up some of the weaker positions in the farm system. They picked up three catchers and four shortstops, for instance. I would've thought a couple of third baseman might be in the stash, too, but I imagine a couple of those shortstops could be moved over there at some point.

As a Michigan baseball fan, it was nice to see Andrew Hess among the Tigers' draftees. He was selected in the 19th round (601st overall). Hess is a right-handed pitcher and had a 7-2 record and 4.52 ERA for the Wolverines this season, and was named to the All-Big Ten third team.

But TigerBlog and Mack Avenue Tigers picked up on one of the more interesting curiosities of the Tigers' 2007 class: several familiar surnames. We've got a Zumaya, a Kaline, a Lamont, and a Robertson among this year's draftees. (Here's a little bit more from Danny Knobler.)

If I ever sire a son, I might give the young man a middle name of "Trammell" or "Whitaker," and change his name just before he graduates high school and see what happens. I suppose I should run that by any potential wife before things get that far, though.

One last note: Viva El Birdos sums up the reaction to the Cardinals passing on Rick Porcello in the draft (and to their overall draft philosophy). Any guesses as to the general consensus?