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Ladies and Gentleman, the Motown All-Star Five

Photo by David Guralnick/Detroit News

Now there's a photo I wouldn't mind hanging on my wall. (The unfortunate placement of Carlos Guillen's bat might draw a few snickers, though. I really hope he's not trying to make some sort of declaration there. Maybe this image would be better instead.)

It's become kind of the chic thing to say, but baseball really does have the only player showcase worth watching. Even if the Tigers didn't have five players in the 2007 All-Star Game, I'd be tuning in tonight. As I'm sure is the case for many of you, the game has always held a special significance for me. Like most baseball fans, my love of the sport came from my father. As we got older, his sporting attention was mostly devoted to college football. But he always made time for the All-Star Game. And I think that's because of Reggie Jackson. That famous blast off the light tower at Tiger Stadium in 1971 held a permanent place in his sports fan memory bank.

When I lived elsewhere, he'd make sure to ask if I was going to watch the All-Star Game. And if I was living nearby, I'd come over and watch at least the first few innings with him. He'd get a crash course in current players from me, and share his recollections of the games he enjoyed. As great as it was to have the All-Star Game in Detroit in 2005, I'll always remember that Dad and I couldn't watch it together because he'd passed away a couple of months beforehand. He'd never been to a game at Comerica Park, but I know he would've enjoyed seeing such an event take place in downtown Detroit. And he would've loved seeing this current Tigers squad play so well.

Enjoy the All-Star Game tonight, folks. And please consider this an open thread, if you'd like to post anything while you're watching.

UPDATE: Let the speculation end. According to Jason Beck, Placido Polanco is playing tonight.