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Nine Questions for the Detroit Tigers' Second Half

For about two minutes last night, I thought I might be ambitious enough to try and post some mid-term grades for the Tigers, but I got caught up in Top Chef and Rescue Me instead. But I pass along tip of the cap and a slow clap to Mack Avenue Tigers and The Wayne Fontes Experience for showing work ethic and moxie.

But there are plenty of questions to consider about the Detroit Tigers in the remaining 76 games of the regular season. So in lieu of looking back at the previous 86 (as fun - and tumultuous - as they were), let's look ahead. Here are nine questions that popped up in my brain as I thought about the rest of the season? And I'm hoping you chime in with some answers.

And, of course, if I missed any questions that have been on your mind, please add them in the comments so we can discuss amongst ourselves.

Do the Tigers still need to upgrade at first base, or is Sean Casey's production acceptable, especially considering how many runs this team scores?

Will the Tigers make a splashy addition to the bullpen by the end of this month, or are they more likely to try and hang on until Joel Zumaya and Fernando Rodney come back (hopefully healthy)?

Who scares you more: The Indians or Twins?

Is there another team the Tigers should be worried about, as a wild card competitor (Mariners, Yankees)?

Will Magglio Ordonez win the AL batting title? (Or would you prefer to see him hit for some more power?)

Speaking of Maggs, will he win the AL MVP? Or if Gary Sheffield continues to hit as he has, might he leapfrog Maggs in voters' eyes?

Can Curtis Granderson break the AL record for triples in a season (26)?

Will Nate Robertson still be in the Detroit starting rotation by the end of the season?

Is there someone in the minors now - pitcher or batter - who will make a notable contribution to the Tigers this season?