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Roman Colon's Ticket Has Been Punched For KC

Mike McClary instant messaged me at the BYB typing station with the breaking news that Roman Colon has been traded to the Kansas City Royals. (Unfortunately, I was away from my computer and didn't get the news until an hour later.)

In return, Detroit will receive a player to be named later (who will be chosen by October 15). I wonder if the player in question will have a note on Royals stationery saying "You're welcome" tacked to his chest?

To me, the news is only surprising in that Colon wasn't outright released after he was charged with felonious assault and arrested in Erie, PA. Before Neifi Perez was suspended for using a banned stimulant, I was convinced Colon would be cut to free up a spot for Ryan Raburn. But Dave Dombrowski found a general manager who was familiar with Colon from his Atlanta days and willing to take a chance on his talent.

In 11 games between Toledo and Erie, Colon had a 2-1 record with a 4.79 ERA (along with 16 strikeouts and 13 walks) in 20 2/3 innings. No word yet on who will take his spot on Detroit's 40-man roster.

For the Royals' sake, let's hope Dayton Moore and Buddy Bell have updated their policy on listening to music in the clubhouse. Headphones, everyone!