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Open Thread - Game 90: Tigers (53-36) at Mariners (51-37)

Justin Verlander (10-3, 3.14) vs. Jeff Weaver (2-6, 6.34), 4:05 p.m. EST

Okay, no cookouts today, so I'll get the game thread up on time. (However, I probably will be off stuffing my face somewhere between now and game time.)

I was all set to make fun of Jeff Weaver, but then took a look at his recent stats. The dude has only given up three earned runs over his last four starts. Okay, three of those games were against Pittsburgh, Toronto, and Oakland, respectively. But the Red Sox were the fourth team that Weaver shut down, and we know how tough that lineup can be.

This doesn't look like the same guy who was demolished in Detroit before going on the disabled list. Of course, he hasn't really faced a batting order like the Tigers' since then, either.

Do I really need to say anything about Justin Verlander? He's had four days rest since the All-Star Game, so his routine should proceed as usual.

When Pudge Rodriguez's one-game suspension was announced yesterday, I turned to my buddy Rob and said he might as well just serve it today, since he's sure to get the day off. But I can understand why he and the Tigers are appealing the suspension. In this case, it's definitely the principle of the thing.

Yes, if the strictest definition says a player has to be penalized for touching an umpire, I suppose the suspension is warranted. But most people make harsher contact standing in line at the grocery store. Maybe if Mike Winters hadn't been right in Pudge's face, obviously relishing the confrontation, there wouldn't have been a bump.

And that's probably the last I should say about it, lest I be accused of whining again.