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Where Did Mike Rabelo Go?

Just in case you were wondering why Mike Rabelo left yesterday's game in the sixth inning, requiring Pudge Rodriguez to catch the last three innings on a planned day off, Tom Gage has the story on his blog:

His exit wasn't caused by another cramp, as might have been reported during the game. He felt pain in his left calf and was favoring the leg as he walked to the team bus after the game - he'll get treatment on the off day, but he sounded concerned. He also sounded frustrated because he feels it's his job to make sure Pudge gets a day off and the last two times Rabelo has started, he's had to come out early (a cramp and now this).

At the time, I was wondering if Rabelo had a wrist injury of some sort, as his hands were wrapped up almost like a burn victim's while he was in the game. I don't recall if he's always been out there with his wrists and hands heavily taped and wrapped. Maybe that's just how he rolls.