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Choose Your Endorsement: George W. Bush or Peter King

Maybe you cringed when President Bush told ESPN's Karl Ravech that he thought the Detroit Tigers would be in the World Series. Not necessarily for political reasons (we don't want to talk about that here, do we?), but maybe for fear of The Jinx. Or maybe you squirmed (or chuckled) when Mr. Bush referred to Joel Zumaya as "Zumala." (via The Detroit Tigers Weblog) Of course, Ravech can now brag that he got to correct the President of the United States - on television.

But if getting that close to a political figure makes you uncomfortable, there's another endorsement for the Tigers to embrace. At the end of Peter King's Monday Morning QB column are his usual "Ten Things I Think I Think," and the Tigers are at the top of his non-football thoughts of the week:

a. As we sit here today, there is little doubt in my mind that the best team in baseball is Detroit. Excellent starting pitching -- have you seen the Tigers' amazing young lefty Andrew Miller? -- and a batting order as good as any in the game -- maybe better, 1 through 6. The bullpen's a C-plus at best, but from the looks of it, that team might not need much of a 'pen.

Notice King chose the easier name of Andrew Miller. Good move. King also says he sees storm clouds over the Red Sox right now.

Why is all this love making me clench my teeth?