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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 07/18

Stop over at The Detroit Tigers Weblog and congratulate Billfer on six years in the blogosphere. It's one hell of a run, and has gotten even better. If you're a Detroit sports blogger, you probably owe him a quick kneel of gratitude. (Fortunately, Bill's such a humble guy that he would never demand you kneel before Zod.)

Jim Leyland might be campaigning for president of the Ron Gardenhire fan club. He might even have a man-crush on the guy.

"I'm quite a bit older, I guess, but we could be buddies. I could play golf with him two times a week and go out to dinner with him."

And no, I wouldn't have the guts to suggest such a thing to Leyland's face.

So would the Tigers be the truck in this scenario?

How would you feel if the Twins acquired Scott Hatteberg at the trade deadline? I don't know what Jim Bowden is asking for, but DaMeatHook makes a lot of sense to me. A right-handed bat, however, would probably provide some more balance to their lineup.

Joel Zumaya is second (behind Pedro Martinez) on Jerry Crasnick's list of nine players who could affect a pennant race once they come off the disabled list.

Speaking of Zumaya, he thinks it's cool that the President of the United States knows who he is (last name pronunciation excepted), but is focused on playing catch. And would you find it hard to believe he's been yelled at a couple of times for throwing too hard?

Lynn Henning thinks the Tigers won't make a major move before the trade deadline. Maybe it depends on your definition of "major move," but I think (or is that hope?) he might be wrong.

I still say there are too many relievers available, and the Tigers have enough depth in their farm system, for a bullpen boost not to be made. (And hasn't Henning been predicting a big trade virtually all season long? Quit harshing us, man!)

Will we finally have jetpacks and flying cars by the time the Mariners are done paying Ichiro?

I must still have Mariners on the mind, but would you consider giving J.J. Putz your Cy Young Award vote? I don't think this is the year a closer gets it, but there's a lot of season to go.