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BYB Returns to The Detroit Tigers Podcast

Mike McClary once again opened up the roundtable on The Detroit Tigers Podcast, and invited me to participate in some Tigers talk. Actually, it was more than an invitation, as Mike had to battle technology in order for me to join the panel. (For some reason, Skype wasn't cooperating with me that night.) And I'm so grateful he made such an effort for me, as I love sitting in on these roundtables.

For Episode #22 of the DTP, I joined the Daily Fungo trio of Mike, Doug Hill, and Josh Wallen, along with the sensation sweeping the nation, Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience.

We recorded last Thursday evening, so the topics du jour include a recap of the three-game sweep of the Twins, along with the state of the Chicago White Sox, what the Tigers will do at the trade deadline, the fate of Tiger Stadium, and our surprises and disappointments of the season thus far.

You can download Episode #22 directly from this link or head on over to the DTP's home page and/or The Daily Fungo for more. If you get a chance, let Mike know what you thought of the roundtable. There will surely be more to come as the season progresses. Of course, you can leave a comment here, too.

Thanks in advance for downloading and listening. I know Mike appreciates it.