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Your Newest Detroit Tiger

No, there hasn't been a trade. I apologize if the headline misled you. But it's truthful. There has been a new addition to the big league club. Third baseman Mike Hessman - who's been having an outstanding season at Triple-A Toledo - was called up by the Tigers today, while Timo Perez finished his cup of coffee and will rejoin the Mud Hens. (via Jason Beck)

We know that Jim Leyland likes to put call-ups right into the starting lineup, so I wonder if Hessman will play at first base tonight with the left-handed Mark Buerhle pitching for the White Sox? (Beck says he'll be the back-up to Sean Casey. Somewhere in Toledo, Chris Shelton is frowning.)

With the Mud Hens this season, Hessman has been hitting .256/.352/.551 with 27 home runs and 86 RBIs in 97 games.

EDIT: Danny Knobler confirms that Hessman will indeed be in the starting lineup tonight at first base. He also mentions that Hessman had 69 at-bats with the Atlanta Braves in 2004, batting .130/.155/.261.