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Curtis Owns Chicago: Tigers 9, White Sox 6

If the lead hadn't changed four times, I'd say this was almost a routine win for the Tigers, as they followed two familiar patterns. First, they won a game on the road (though the remaining crowd at the end of the game sounded very pro-Detroit). Secondly, they pounded a left-handed pitcher, knocking 14 hits off Mark Buehrle for seven runs.

Curtis Granderson set the tone immediately with a leadoff home run. And he didn't stop there, adding a single, double, two walks, and three more RBIs to his line for the evening. Clearly, the man loves his home cooking and enjoys putting on a show for his hometown fans. Other than the occasional day off, do you think he's shown he should be playing against left-handed pitching?

Curtis' mojo must have been passed around the entire clubhouse, too, because virtually everyone in the batting order had a good game tonight. Perhaps the most notable contribution (besides Granderson's, of course) came from the guy who just joined the team. Mike Hessman gave the Tigers the lead for good with a two-run bloop single to right, chipped in some solid defense at first base, and looked like he can fit into the lineup just fine.

When Wins Can Be Misleading

Considering how badly he pitched when he first came into the game, it's borderline disgusting that Jason Grilli nabbed the win tonight. Yes, he earned it with a 1-2-3 inning when it counted in the seventh inning, but Grilli was at his gas can worst in the sixth when he walked the first two batters he faced to load the bases, and followed that up by drilling Rob Mackowiak between the shoulder blades to send a run in. Once he got the lead back, Grilli made sure it held up (and got the win for his efforts), but he almost did his damn best to give the game away.

Somebody's Getting a Lecture Tomorrow

During his post-game meeting with the press, Jim Leyland cut Trevor Thompson off before he could finish his question about Andrew Miller's performance (five runs and 10 hits in 4 2/3 innings).

"He showed every sign of his youth that he could possibly show," Leyland said. "You saw it tonight. Plain and simple."

You think Miller will be told to close the door after he enters Leyland's office tomorrow?