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Gary Sheffield Won't Let Me Cancel HBO

One of my friends cancelled his HBO subscription after the "Sopranos" series finale, and there have been times over the past few weeks when I've wondered if I should do the same. Other than Entourage, I don't often see a reason to keep HBO, other than I just like having it.

I was glad I kept it last week, however, so I could watch Gary Sheffield's interview with Andrea Kramer on "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. And I might have further reason to be grateful this week, so I can watch "Costas Now," and an interview with the man who created "the clear." It looks like some of the remarks will give Gary Sheffield some more reasons to talk to the press over the next few days.

Patrick Arnold, a chemist who worked with the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, said in an HBO Sports interview that Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield took performance-enhancing drugs provided to them by the laboratory.


When asked about Sheffield's recent statement that he never took steroids because "they are something you shoot in your butt," Arnold said: "That's an ignorant statement. That's some sort of weird rationalization. No, he took steroids. This is a bona fide anabolic steroid."

Sheffield isn't denying that he indeed ingested "the clear." But he'll likely still insist that he didn't knowingly take steroids, especially if he thinks he inserted the substance into the correct part of his body. And maybe the whole thing will just go away if Sheff agrees to a sit-down with George Mitchell (even though that whole process looks fraudulent to me).

Stay tuned. We'll surely be hearing more about this from Sheffield's side.