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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 07/26

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A feature in today's Chicago Tribune focuses on Curtis Granderson being one of the few major leaguers a Chicago collegiate program has produced recently. Perhaps most entertaining is his explanation of how nice he has it in his parents' home in Chicago.

The Tigers could be interested in the Astros' Mark Loretta. That's the kind of utility infielder they tried to get last year before settling on Neifi, though Boston's asking price was too high. (via The Cutoff Man)

Viva El Birdos thinks it would be funny if the Cardinals tried to trade Troy Percival back to the Tigers. I'm not sure our senses of humor jibe, Larry.

But the main point of VEB's post was the price Milwaukee paid to acquire Scott Linebrink yesterday. And that's probably worth noting for those curious of what it might take for Detroit to get some bullpen help.

The Brewers gave up three minor league pitching prospects for a struggling set-up man (3-3, 3.80 ERA), one of whom was the #3 prospect in Milwaukee's system, according to Baseball America. (And the two guys ahead of him are now in the majors.) Oh, and Linebrink is a free agent after this season. Here's Brew Crew Ball's take on the deal.