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Mario and Rod - Simpson-ized!

Since tonight's FSN Detroit "Tigers Live" pre-game show has a "Simpsons" theme, surely in compliance with some dictated corporate synergy, I thought I'd get into the spirit and post an image of the Simpson-ized Mario Impemba and Rod Allen (courtesy of the Detroit Free Press).

Love that mustache, Rod!

I like the black-and-white on the image because it makes Mario and Rod look like an old-time comedy team. I would've preferred color - and something clearer - but I can only work with what the Freep gave me. As with Cartoon Magglio, I'll put out a call to the people. If you have color images of the Simpson-ized FSN crew, I humbly ask you to help a blogga out.

ian(dot)byb(at)gmail(dot)com. You guys are my sunshine.

Anybody catch 'The Simpsons Movie' yet? I'm planning to go tomorrow.