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The Quest For Relief: Dotel Is Off the List

EDIT: It looks like I was a bit hasty with this post. I'd read a report that it was a done deal, but all accounts this morning have the Royals and Braves still talking about a deal. But much like when news filtered out that Jarrod Saltalamacchia was being offered for Mark Teixiera, teams now have an idea of what the Royals might be looking for in a deal.

The Atlanta Braves are hogging up all the attention 20 hours before the trade deadline. After getting Mark Teixiera earlier in the day, the Braves have also acquired reliever Octavio Dotel, who seemed to be the belle of the ball in recent weeks, from Kansas City for Kyle Davies.

No word yet as to whether Dotel becomes Atlanta's closer or if he'll set up for Bob Wickman. As Talking Chop points out, the Braves' bullpen is suddenly pretty crowded, so another deal to clear some space might be in the works.

This is beginning to get disheartening. It sounded as if the Tigers weren't active among the trade partners for Dotel in recent days, but he most certainly would've been a much-needed power arm addition to Detroit's bullpen. I suppose it's a consolation that Dotel didn't end up with an American League team - especially the Indians.

So who's left on the shopping list? And how much would the Tigers have to give up to be competitive with other teams for the remaining available relievers?

UPDATE: To give you an idea of what the Tigers are dealing with right now, here's an anecdote from Barry Svrluga's Washington Post blog.

One person told me that the Nationals asked the Tigers for rising stud oufielder Cameron Maybin (who Bowden loved in the 2005 draft) in exchange for Rauch. That's not going to happen.