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Open Thread - Game 107: Tigers (61-45) at Athletics (50-57)

Nate Robertson (6-8, 5.08) vs. Dallas Braden (1-6, 5.53), 3:35 p.m. EST

After the Tigers' pitching staff made Kurt Suzuki look like Ichiro Suzuki last night, Detroit tries to get a series win and end this disastrous road trip on some kind of high note this afternoon in Oakland. If Dave Dombrowski hadn't already been concerned that he didn't acquire any relief help earlier in the day, the Tigers' bullpen went out and rubbed his face in it, like a dog that just made a mess on the floor. That was ugly - almost as ugly as Jack Cust's outfield play.

Over his last two starts, Nate Robertson has given up 13 runs and 21 hits in 11 2/3 innings. Maybe he was tired from watching FSN Detroit constantly replay his between starts routine of running the steps at Comerica Park and tossing medicine balls with Javair Gillett. I know it took me longer to finish my dinner while I was watching that footage. Just wore me right out. It's beginning to become too much to ask for, but I'll say it anyway: The Tigers could really use a good six or seven innings out of Robertson today.

For the A's, Dallas Braden has lost three games in a row, and has won only one of seven starts for the season. (His other three appearances were in middle relief.) Braden was originally called up to take Rich Harden's place in the starting rotation. Given Harden's injury history, he might have a job for quite a while, no matter how he pitches. In his last outing, the Mariners battered him around for seven runs (four earned) and seven hits in four innings. Being left-handed, it could be another long day for him against the Tigers' lineup.