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Open Thread - Game 82: Indians (51-32) at Tigers (47-34)

Jake Westbrook (1-3, 6.10) vs. Kenny Rogers (2-0, 0.75), 7:05 p.m. EST

Happy Independence Day, everyone. May the rain stay away from your cookout of choice, if you're in the Midwest or Northeast. Hopefully, it stays away from the ballpark, too. Detroit could get some thunderstorms tonight, but it looks like those will roll in after the game. Now for your traffic...

Bobby Seay says he knows his team can play with the Indians. And I doubt there's anyone that disagrees with him. But it'd be nice if the Tigers started to show they can do it. 2-6 against your main rival in the division obviously isn't getting it done. Detroit's lost these games in almost any way you can imagine. In some instances, the bullpen has let them down. In others, it's been the batting order. Even the manager cost them a game. (And Let's Go Tribe thinks the Indians might be in Jim Leyland's head a bit.)

So this seems like an excellent time for Kenny Rogers to take the mound. I hope I'm not jinxing the guy, but in his two starts since returning to the Tigers, he's been the soothing balm his team has needed. (No jokes about applying that balm to the thumb of his pitching hand.) And Detroit really needs something to go right against the Tribe.