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Say It Ain't So, Neifi!

Big Al broke the news (via Detroit's WXYT-AM) in the last post's comments section. The mystery Detroit Tiger Ryan Raburn will be replacing on the roster is... Neifi Perez.

It looks like Neifi got caught with his hand in the greenie jar. (That's amphetamines, for you kids out there. Stay in school.) He tested positive for a banned stimulant (which pretty much covers greenies) and for that, he gets slapped with a 25-game suspension.

Why call up an outfielder instead of another utility infielder, like Ramon Santiago? Billfer's wondering the same thing. Maybe the Tigers figure they already have that covered with Omar Infante, and it would be better to give Raburn a chance, since he's been playing so well in Toledo.

Of course, I'm disappointed in Neifi. But not because he let down the team (not to mention the children who looked up to him). (Hey, maybe he was taking stimulants to stay awake on the bench, since he hardly ever plays.) No, I'm ticked off because I won't have Neifi to pick on for 25 games. Who's going to be my easy punching bag for a lazy joke? (Craig Monroe's a possible candidate.) And I was getting ready to buy a NE!F! t-shirt, too.

Vergüenza en usted, señor Perez.