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Open Thread - Game 85: Red Sox (53-32) at Tigers (50-34)

Kason Gabbard (2-0, 5.79) vs. Jeremy Bonderman (9-1, 3.58), 7:05 p.m. EST

First of all, I should say that I appreciate no one calling me out for neglecting to switch out the Cleveland Indians logo for the Boston Red Sox. I apologize if I led anyone to believe that Chief Wahoo had suddenly become the Boston baseball team's mascot. Or were you all snickering behind my back? Anyway, sorry about that.

Kason Gabbard has pitched okay in his three starts, though he's benefited from some top-notch run support. However, he is left-handed, which means he should probably be sweating tonight. (More than he'd sweat while throwing a baseball in 85-degree weather, that is.) Detroit's batting stats against lefties: .311/.366/.519.

A lefty pitcher also means the return of Craig Monroe to the starting lineup. He'll be in left field tonight, batting eighth. Marcus Thames will also be in the lineup; he's subbing for Sean Casey at first base. And Curtis Granderson will be in centerfield, though there was some thought to giving Ryan Raburn the start out there tonight. (Lineups posted in the comments.)

And one must wonder if Hell hath no fury like a Jeremy Bonderman scorned. Will Bondo take out any lingering frustration or disappointment over losing the final All-Star roster spot to Boston's Hideki Okajima? Well, probably not. But he threw one hell of a game on Sunday night (some might call it a gem) and has been on quite a roll.