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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 07/07

Over at Tiger Tales, Lee has posted a list of the 54 members of the Bluhm Memorial Detroit Tigers Hall of Fame, created by Motown Sports.

I can only assume that Neifi's banned stimulant suspension disqualified him from consideration.

Magglio Ordonez's is Jayson Stark's choice for AL MVP of the Half-Year.

Fernando Rodney was scheduled for a throwing session today, but that's been cancelled because of a sore shoulder he's been feeling since playing catch on Thursday. Rodney now won't throw again until after the All-Star break.

If you haven't read this already, Cameron Maybin will be out for two weeks, due to a shoulder injury. The injury was termed a "subluxation," which is "a partial or incomplete dislocation." (I put that there mostly because I didn't know what a subluxation was.) Maybin will miss the Futures All-Star Game, as a result. (via The Detroit Tigers Weblog)

UPDATE: Boston's Jacoby Ellsbury will take Maybin's spot in the Futures Game.

What's new with Brent Clevlen? He was called up to Toledo (from Erie) to take Ryan Raburn's spot.

The Boston Globe's "Extra Bases" blog has kind of a funny post about the Red Sox's decision to stay in a hotel farther away from Detroit.

With Julian Tavarez having lost his last three games, some teammates think he might be tipping his pitches.