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Magglio Ordonez: Last in the Derby, First in Our Hearts

I opted to watch a movie instead of the 2007 Home Run Derby, but I couldn't resist checking in to see how our guy, Magglio Ordonez, did in the contest.

Some of us were worried that Maggs might mess up his swing trying to go for home runs, something we've seen happen to hitters like Bobby Abreu and David Wright in past years, but from what I read, he didn't give himself much chance to throw his mechanics out of whack. Magglio finished with only two home runs, which was the worst total of Round 1.

Don't worry if you missed it, though. It looks like ESPN wasn't paying much attention to Maggs, either. Here's the live blog from the Fanhouse:

Magglio Ordonez - Before Maggs can get to the plate, Barry Bonds tells Peter Gammons that he'd love to be out there, but simply can't do it anymore. Call me a sucker, but I think I believe him. Sadly, this is the one night of the year I'd like to see Bonds on a field. Barry continues to talk over Magglio's AB and chastises people for reading things written about him by third parties and believing them. You heard it here first folks, Barry Bonds does not want you to read. Halfway through Ordonez's turn at the plate, someone finally talks about him. He struggles pretty badly though and only hits two homers.

Well, I'm glad I didn't make time for that. I think I'll live with my decision to dump Chris Berman and Joe Morgan for Robert Downey, Jr. and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - which was very good, especially if you're a fan of film noir. And I'm typing this as the final round of the derby is still going on, so I have no idea who's doing well (though I saw Vladimir Guerrero hit a 500-foot bomb). Don't these guys have the decency to finish in time for "The Bronx is Burning"?