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Help a Detroit Tiger: Be Curtis Granderson's Friend

Life can be difficult. As you transition to different phases during your time on this earth, it's natural to lose some friends along the way. But ladies and gentlemen, no one should have to lose 28,000 friends in one weekend. Unfortunately, that's the situation our own Curtis Granderson has found himself in after the higher-ups at MySpace deleted his page.

How could such a thing happen? Did Wily Mo Pena try to rob Curtis of friends as Curtis robbed him of a home run yesterday?

No, nothing quite that insidious occurred. Yet a wrong did take place because Curtis had his wrist slapped for sending out birthday wishes to his MySpace friends. (Having been the recipient of one myself, I can tell you, they're fabulous.) However, the MySpace gatekeepers apparently frown upon automatic programs that send out 350-400 messages at a time, so they brought the shutdown on poor ol' Curtis and his page.

Fortunately, Curtis and his people got his MySpace page back up and running, as you can see here. But this wasn't a victimless crime. There were casualties. Namely, Curtis' friends. The list was lost. And that's where you can help.

Build that list back up. Rebuild the community. If you were already one of Curtis' friends, become one again. And if you weren't one before, he needs you now. This is how Curtis reaches out to the people. Don't pull your hand back. Extend it in friendship.

No one who makes a catch like this should have to go without friends.

Curtis has three days off for the All-Star break. He shouldn't have to spend them alone. Help a Detroit Tiger. Be Curtis Granderson's friend.

P.S. Bloggers need friends, too.