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Lingering Trade Deadline Laments

It's difficult to get too upset with Dave Dombrowski for not making a deal yesterday. From all accounts, he was ready to trade, but couldn't find a willing dance partner.

Could he have offered something better than what Boston gave up for Eric Gagne? It was a moot point, since Gagne apparently didn't want to come to Detroit unless he could close. Apparently, the Red Sox convinced Gagne that he'd get some save opportunities once in a while. Also, giving him the money that he likely would've earned (in contract incentives) had he gotten saves with Texas helped broker the deal.

Dayton Moore had eyes for Kyle Davies (with whom he was familiar from his Atlanta days) and no other pitching prospect. Maybe Moore didn't want to trade Octavio Dotel within the AL Central. Or maybe he's still dazzled by the potential talent he once kept an eye on. Considering that Seattle reportedly offered Wladimir Balentien, you have to wonder if Moore really made the best deal.

Jon Paul Morosi mentions a couple of other deals Dombrowski tried to make for infield help yesterday. He couldn't get Eric Bruntlett from Houston, as the Astros apparently want him to be their shortstop. And Colorado turned down two separate offers (Jason Grilli, then Dallas Trahern) for Clint Barmes. (I wonder what the response was when Grilli was offered?)

Dombrowski then said he'd have no problem calling up Michael Hollimon from Double-A Erie to fill in if one of Detroit's starting middle infielders was injured.

Jack Wilson hears (hopes?) that he still might be traded. It shouldn't be a problem for him to clear waivers with that contract, so if the Tigers and Pirates really did come close to making a deal, Dave Littlefield will probably try to resume negotiations with Detroit.