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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 08/10

The Tigers have five more days to reach an agreement with first-round pick Rick Porcello, before they lose his rights and Porcello pitches next year for North Carolina. But it was expected all along that negotiations would go right up until the deadline, with Scott Boras (the Porcello family's "adviser") involved.

Detroit also has yet to reach contract terms with pitcher Casey Crosby, their fifth-round selection, and shortstop Cale Iorg, whom the Tigers drafted in the sixth round. Both players are seeking much (much) more than MLB's suggested draft slot value, however.

While we're on the subject of Scott Boras clients, he told the Free Press that he expects the Tigers to pick up the $13 million option on Pudge Rodriguez next season. Given Detroit's almost total lack of catching depth in their organization, it's difficult to argue with that.

Make sure there's nothing in your mouth when you read this. Since July 19, Tigers' starting pitchers have a 1-12 record. Their ERA is 7.13, with an opponents' batting average of .327. (via Buster Olney)

I definitely want to write more about Barry Bonds (probably over the weekend) and his new status as baseball's home run king, but now the talk is focusing on where Bonds might play next year.

I realize Nick Cafardo is merely speculating as to where Bonds could go, looking for possible connections and reasons for such a move. Of course, he mentions Detroit because of Jim Leyland's presence. In his defense, Cafardo points out that Gary Sheffield already fills the role that Bonds would likely play. But can we just stop this? Bonds to Detroit isn't going to happen. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

Lynn Henning takes a look at the 2008 free agent pickings, and doesn't see much of interest to the Tigers.

Our old friend Wil Ledezma is expected to join the San Diego Padres' starting rotation, following the release of David Wells. Ledezma will start tonight against Cincinnati.