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All Aboard the Detroit-Toledo Express

Before tonight's game, the Tigers sent Macay McBride and Jordan Tata down to Triple-A Toledo. Surely, both have deep psychological scars to recover from after last night's meltdown. Taking their spots on the roster will be Eulogio De La Cruz and Aquilino Lopez.

It doesn't quite stop there, as De La Cruz will go back to Toledo tomorrow, while Yorman Bazardo comes up to Detroit. Why just one night for De La Cruz? I'm guessing it's because the bullpen needed a quick oil change after burning through so much relief pitching last night.

Also, Bazardo will not be taking over for Tata in the starting rotation, which means the Tigers have an opening for Wednesday's turn. No word yet on who will get the nod, though signs seem to point to another call-up for Virgil Vasquez.

(via Danny Knobler)