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Sunday Short Hops - 08/12

Could Wednesday's starting pitcher come from Double-A Erie? John Lowe alludes to the possibility in today's Detroit Free Press. From what I can tell, Dallas Trahern's schedule seems to make him the likelier candidate over Jair Jurrjens to start on Wednesday.

EDIT: I knew I was going to be wrong on this. Take 75 North says Trahern is starting today for Erie, so he won't be available on Wednesday.

While we're talking about Erie Seawolves, Cameron Maybin has two home runs in two games since being promoted to Double-A.

Jon Paul Morosi gives Ryan Raburn some much-deserved (and long-overdue) feature spotlight in today's Freep.

I think the lede of Drew Sharp's column today would make most Tigers fans cringe or outright laugh. (And humor isn't Sharp's specialty, so you know he wasn't trying to be funny.)

The NY Times' Tyler Kepner wonders what's happened to Chief Wahoo in Cleveland.

The one guy who's probably not too thrilled with Rick Ankiel's right-field revival in St. Louis? Juan Encarnacion. (Seeing him referred to as "a two-time World Series winner" was kind of eye-opening.)

Could Randy Smith really get another major league general manager's job? Apparently, he could replace Tim Purpura in Houston. Randy's father, Tal, is still the Astros' president.