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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 08/15

Just in case a team press release makes everyone feel better, the Tigers put their official seal on the Rick Porcello signing this afternoon. Strangely, the financial terms of the deal aren't included. No sense in rubbing that contract in MLB's face, I suppose.

Also officially getting fitted for the tiger stripes are pitcher Casey Crosby and shortstop Cale Iorg. Crosby's contract is for $750,000, while Iorg's deal is worth $1.5 million. (via Baseball America)

Crosby's mother is a managing editor for the Beacon News of suburban Chicago and provided a look at how signing a major league contract straight out of high school went for their family. (via The Cutoff Man)

So if Carlos Guillen's legs are so sore that his manager doesn't know when he'll be able to play shortstop, will that get the Jack Wilson trade machine chugging again? The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, however, says "the silence has been deafening" in regards to any such deal.

Otherwise, will the Tigers try to get by with Omar Infante filling in occasionally (along with Ramon Santiago, who was just activated from the disabled list in Toledo)?

Could Craig Monroe be in the White Sox outfield next year? The Chicago Tribune has him listed among the options Kenny Williams is considering.

Here's a funny story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer: Evidently, the Yankees fans in attendance at Jacobs Field over the weekend were able to show off more of their team colors thanks to the Indians team shop. If you picked up some Tigers swag at Jacobs Field, let us know about it.

The Let's Go Tribe community loved Eric Wedge's post-game comments about some of his players feeling sorry for themselves and needing motivation. Wasn't that Jim Leyland's line last week?