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Open Thread - Game 122: Tigers (67-54) at Yankees (67-54)

Nate Robertson (7-9, 5.01) vs. Andy Pettitte (9-7, 3.93), 7:05 p.m. EST

C. Granderson, CF
C. Maybin, LF
G. Sheffield, DH
M. Ordonez, RF
C. Guillen, SS
I. Rodriguez, C
S. Casey, 1B
R. Raburn, 2B
B. Inge, 3B

New York
J. Damon, CF
D. Jeter, SS
B. Abreu, RF
A. Rodriguez, 3B
J. Posada, C
H. Matsui, LF
J. Giambi, DH
R. Cano, 2B
A. Phillips, 1B

Maybin in left, batting second. Against leftys he wasn't too successful down on the farm; In 76 ABs versus southpaws while with Lakeland he had a .211/.333/.395/.728 line. At the AA level he only has had one at bat, drawing a walk.

I know he's not the only Tiger out there playing tonight; However I believe this is one of the more anticipated debuts we've seen in a while as Detroit fans.


By the way, good luck to Craig Monroe - his time as a Tiger is more than likely over. My perception of him as a player was always positive in terms of his personality, work ethic and as a team player. I've got the utmost respect for him in those departments, but that wasn't going to keep his job on a team that is in the midst of a pennant race. His season long slump at the plate was only harming this team, so this was in no doubt the right move by the organization.