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Busy Off Day in Tiger-Town

Zoom is back from his hand injury that left him out for about three and a half months. To make room the Tigers optioned Aquilino Lopez to AAA Toledo.

Will Joel be the bullpen's savior? We shall see. Compared to his amazing 2006 run, in which he put up a 1.96 ERA, Zumaya seemed to be "average" to start '07. Through 17 innings he had given up 13 hits and walked 11.

Anybody that can come in and spark this team is much appreciated. Joel could be that guy over the course of the next few weeks. It's good to have him back.

Ryan Raburn is fighting his way into some playing time with the Tigers. Who better watch out for this guy? Brandon Inge, who's hitting .200/.237/.291/.528 in the month of August.

Inge had one month where he hit .343 (June) and one month in which he posted a .150 average (April). Not exactly the model of consistency. And the worst part is he has one homer since June 12th.

MLBTradeRumors has this little tidbit regarding the Tigers:

On August 16th,'s Jayson Stark mentioned that Omar Vizquel, among many others, had cleared waivers. Stark's colleague Buster Olney heard differently, however. According to Olney, Vizquel was indeed claimed but no deal was reached and he was withdrawn. Olney believes the Tigers may have made the claim, or perhaps the Indians as a block.

Vizquel still doesn't strike out much, but his batting average dipped to .245 this year. He could've helped a contender though. I'm not sure whether the Elias Bureau will rate him a Type A or B free agent after this year, as he was solid in 2006.

Jack Wilson? Omar Vizquel? What's gonna happen?