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Sheff's Shoulder Gets Him Shelved

Earlier today, Kurt wondered why Gary Sheffield doesn't just go on the disabled list if he wasn't even going to travel with the Tigers on their upcoming road trip because of his injured shoulder. Apparently, they read Mack Avenue Tigers in the front office because that move was finally made a couple of hours ago. Sheffield was placed on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to August 22, which means he'll be eligible to return on September 6.

Outfielder Timo Perez was called up from Triple-A Toledo to take Sheffield's spot on the major league roster. Hopefully, Perez is thought of more as an insurance policy and rarely, if ever, sees the field, as he doesn't need to be taking playing time away from Cameron Maybin or Ryan Raburn at this point.

▪▪ Here's more from Danny Knobler.

(EDIT: Actually, A. Sherrod Blakely filed that report.)

▪▪ Over at The Detroit Tigers Weblog, Billfer wonders why Chris Shelton wasn't called up, as there's a place on the team now for a back-up first baseman/DH.