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Enough With Timo Time: Royals 6, Tigers 3

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While driving through Knoxville, TN last night around 6 p.m. EST, I thought I heard some loud groaning in the air. Only when I checked into my hotel room a few hours later in Lexington, KY was I able to determine the cause of the disturbance, thanks to much of the Tigers blogosphere.

So Jim Leyland really penciled Timo Perez in at the #3 spot in the lineup? What makes the decision so infuriating is that so many of us thought such a move once possible once Perez was called up from Toledo. We were kidding, but "kidding on the square," as Al Franken calls it. Hopefully, Leyland sees that Timo's 1-for-5 night - sandwiched between Placido Polanco going 3-for-5 and Magglio Ordonez going 4-for-5 - cost the Tigers a chance to score some runs.

Captain Obvious statement of the day: 16 hits should produce more than three runs.

Of course, Timo Time probably wouldn't be so much of an issue if Nate Robertson could string together two quality starts. Four walks and six runs in 4 1/3 innings? I suppose I should be glad I didn't get to watch that. Any chance of some consistency from Robertson for the rest of this season?

And if Billy "Boom Boom" Butler wasn't officially a Tigers killer before this series, he should get his badge some time after hitting a two-run homer last night. Butler's numbers against Detroit: .379/.400/.586.

With Cleveland's 6-5 victory over Minnesota, Detroit falls 3 1/2 games back in the AL Central, which is their largest deficit since early June.

Unfortunately, I don't have much more to add, since I didn't get to watch the game, so here are some Tiger Stripes:

Curtis Granderson is featured in today's USA Today sports section. That was a pleasant surprise with my continental breakfast this morning.

Jim Leyland says he doesn't anticipate calling any players up from Double-A Erie once rosters can expand on September 1. Omar Infante and Mike Hessman, along with one or two pitchers (Yorman Bazardo, Macay McBride, and/or Aquilino Lopez) are expected to join the team.

Mack Avenue Tigers takes a look at the Tigers' defense through zone rating and defensive efficiency.