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Clerical Issues: T-shirts, Widgets, and Blogrolls

I don't usually like to devote posts to clerical or housekeeping issues, but I do want to draw your attention to a couple of things we added yesterday while the Tigers weren't playing.

First is a t-shirt store, found in the left sidebar. My friend Sara advised me against calling it the "BYB Boutique" (and I think wisely so), and came up with "BYB Gear" instead. With the designs I could find, I tried to create some fun shirts that I think fans might enjoy wearing. There's a Joel Zumaya shirt, a Jim Leyland shirt, and believe it or not, an Omar Infante shirt. I was also happy to find some cool Tiger designs, as well. And I didn't forget about the women and children, either. (I was going to offer an "I Love Curtis" shirt for men, but my buddy Rob talked me out of it. He's probably right; I'd be the only one to wear that in public.)

I have some other ideas that I'd like to implement at some point, but they require a graphic design expertise that's beyond my limited abilities. (My inner 13-year-old is pointing and laughing at me, as he wanted to be a cartoonist and illustrator when he grew up. Sorry I let you down, kid. Instead of drawing Spider-Man, we're blogging about baseball.) Until then, however, please click over and see if there's anything you might be interested in. If you have any ideas for t-shirts you'd like to see, or you'd like me to put one of the designs on a different type of shirt, let me know and I'll try my best to oblige.

A little further down the left sidebar is a widget that has the latest updates on player news. Most of it could be repetitive, as I try to keep a close eye on that stuff. But lots of the cool blogs are doing the widgets, I see, and I've always wanted to be in that crowd.

Finally, I've been meaning to put up a blogroll of other, non-SB Nation, baseball blogs I really enjoy. A few of those sites have been extremely generous in linking to BYB in the first four months of this season, so the least I could do is give them a regular link for people to find. You can find that list at the bottom of the right sidebar.

I'll probably try to categorize those sites by team in the days to come, so it's a bit easier to navigate. (Of course, many of the blog names make their team obvious.) And if there are other baseball blogs you like that aren't on that list, let me know and I'll add them.

Okay, that's it for the clerical stuff. Thanks for indulging me. Back to baseball.