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Jack Wilson and the Rumor That Won't Go Away

I think we all knew (feared?) this to be the case, but just because the non-waiver trade deadline has passed doesn't mean the Tigers and Pirates might not keep trying to work out a deal involving shortstop Jack Wilson. Today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reminds us that a deal was in place, and fell apart at the last minute, but could be picked up again.

A report from Detroit indicated the Pirates and Tigers had completed a Wilson trade early this week in which the Tigers would have picked up all of Wilson's remaining contract money -- in excess of $14 million.

"We had a deal," a source said.

The Pirates would have received Dallas Trahern or Jair Jurrjens -- both 21-year-old right-handed pitchers -- and a mid-level position player prospect. That deal apparently collapsed when the Pirates asked for a major-league player, perhaps outfielder Craig Monroe.

I know I'm not saying anything that hasn't already occurred to any other Tigers fans, but it's almost inexplicable that Dave Dombrowski allegedly agreed to pick up that contract. Maybe he came to his senses, and that's why the deal fell apart.

And if including C-Mo was a deal breaker, that's kind of a head scratcher. I could see the Tigers wanting to hold onto him until Marcus Thames comes back healthy. Otherwise, Pittsburgh almost would've been doing Detroit a favor. Not as big a favor as taking on Wilson's $14 million, though. The rumors keep getting better and better, too. Maybe the next report will be that Dombrowski offered Zumaya and Granderson.

Meanwhile, Pirates bloggers are near-apoplectic that Dave Littlefield didn't pull the trigger on a deal, based on what Dombrowski reportedly offered. Bucs Dugout and Pittsburgh Lumber Co. are besides themselves in disbelief. Littlefield could have some explaining to do to his new boss, if the Cardinals' Walt Jocketty takes over as Pirates CEO.

And I might have to declare a moratorium on Jack Wilson rumors until something actually happens. This is getting kind of repetitive, as we all pull out our hair and grind our teeth over what could've been (and still might be) a terrible deal.