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Open Thread - Game 108: White Sox (49-59) at Tigers (61-46)

Mark Buehrle (8-6, 3.06) vs. Andrew Miller (5-3, 3.76), 7:05 p.m. EST

[I apologize for being late with this; I didn't think I'd have to type out a post on Neifi this evening.]

I don't know about you, but I am thrilled to be watching a Detroit baseball game that starts around 7 p.m., rather than wait until 10 o'clock. (Although I probably did get quite a bit done around the house while waiting.) I feel like those west coast start times have been bringing me down all week.

The Tigers owe the White Sox a couple of beatdowns after the Pale Hose (gag) took three of five in last week's series in Chicago. And Ozzie's crew is definitely hurting after the Yankees scorched their pitching staff for 33 runs during three games at Yankee Stadium. Being at home for the next 11 games, instead of just for a weekend quickie, will hopefully help Detroit get well and find that winning feeling again.

Mark Buehrle was outstanding in his last start, shutting out the Blue Jays over eight innings. Before that, however, the Tigers smacked him around for seven runs and 14 hits in just 6 1/3 innings. Andrew Miller, meanwhile, pitched far too tentatively last time out against the Angels, and Jim Leyland made it known that the kid needs to let it rip more often. Even if it costs him a bit of control, it's better than nibbling on the corners and racking up his pitch count.

Your SB Nation opposing view for this series is available at South Side Sox.

Short Hops:

▪▪ Zach Miner has returned from his bereavement leave and is available to pitch tonight. Jose Capellan was sent down to Toledo to clear a spot on the roster.

▪▪ Gary Sheffield had his shoulder examined by doctors, and no major damage was found. Apparently, his collarbone was knocked out of whack when he landed on the elbow in an outfield collision with Placido Polanco. That bone was rubbing against a nerve, which is what's been causing numbness in Sheffield's right hand.

Sheffield will be out of the lineup tonight, as he needs to rehabilitate the shoulder through medication and physical therapy, but he could be available to play by Sunday.

▪▪ Jason Beck also mentioned that Joel Zumaya has been cleared by his doctor to throw all of his pitches now.

▪▪ Tigers radio play-by-play man Dan Dickerson is Mike McClary's guest on the latest episode of The Detroit Tigers Podcast.