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Jim Leyland Needs to Bring the Nasty Back

Last night, Jim Leyland said that his guys are playing too "nice" right now. They need to bring some nasty with them to the ballpark.

"I think you've got to come to work a little ticked off," he said. "I don't mean being a bad person, but you've got to come with a little attitude. Right now, it looks like we're just reporting to work. We don't have that little oomph."

That apparently resonated with Todd Jones because he basically repeated Leyland's assertions to the press afterwards, saying the team needed to play more "pissed off." Otherwise, if they just wanted to make excuses (like losers!), they might as well sit home and watch the Lions. That was pretty harsh of Jonesy. No one should have to do that right now, even if the Lions did finally get Calvin Johnson signed and into training camp.

Could the Tigers' manager do something to irritate his guys a little bit, to give them that ornery edge that he thinks they're lacking? If so, maybe he could use a few suggestions for firing up the troops. Let's brainstorm.

How about walking into the clubhouse and punching Ryan Raburn in the mouth? Would that do the trick? He could put out a cigarette on the top of Mike Rabelo's head. Or step on and break Tim Byrdak's glasses. Tell Nate Robertson that his facial hair is stupid and he doesn't blog enough. Bring Justin Verlander's girlfriend into the clubhouse and make out with her right in front of his locker.

And as he stomps out of the clubhouse after wreaking havoc, he could finish it off with some snap. Maybe something like, "No, my first name ain't 'Skipper.' It's Jim - Mr. Leyland, if you're nasty!" then push Brandon Inge by his face into his locker, and kick open the door to walk down the hall to his office.

Again, these are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Anything to get that winning edge - that "oomph!" - back. Make 'em nasty, skipper. It's time to shake things up.

Any other suggestions are more than welcome in the comments section.