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Open Thread - Game 110: White Sox (51-59) at Tigers (61-48)

Gavin Floyd (0-1, 10.05) vs. Jordan Tata (1-0, 2.57), 1:05 p.m. EST

This is where the chaos ends, right? The Tigers need a win today to avoid getting swept at home by the team they just can't seem to beat. But maybe they have just the right guy on the mound to get a sorely needed win.

Pop quiz, hotshot: Who is the only Detroit Tigers starting pitcher to earn a win in the last two weeks? That would be today's starter, Jordan Tata. Against Oakland last Monday, Tata further distinguished himself by pitching seven innings, an effort that's almost become a rarity for the Tigers' starting rotation in recent weeks. Unfortunately, that effort didn't completely stanch the bleeding, as Detroit has lost all four games since Tata's last start. But if you're looking for a ray of hope on a rainy, cloudy day in Detroit, Tata might be it.

Another reason for optimism might be Gavin Floyd, who the Tigers pounded for five runs and 11 hits in 4 2/3 innings two weeks ago in Chicago. (Okay, Detroit went on to lose the game, 8-7.) Floyd is taking over for Jose Contreras, who's lost nine of his last 10 starts and is available to any team willing to take on the $20 million remaining on his contract. (Has Kenny Williams called Dave Littlefield yet?) Anyway, the last time Floyd took the mound, he gave up five runs (and three home runs) to the Yankees in three innings.

If Floyd pitches well today, by the way, the White Sox might consider using a six-man pitching rotation for the rest of the season. Oh, that Ozzie!

Short Hops:

▪▪ Does Jon Paul Morosi have some sort of emotional investment in a Jack Wilson trade to Detroit? He's the only guy who's been beating the drum for this deal, and is at it again today.

▪▪ And this has nothing to do with the Tigers, but if I were a Mets fan, I'd want a new apple in their new ballpark. I was thrilled to see the apple pop up in person back in 2001, thanks to Matt Lawton, but that thing looks like a papier mache junior high art school project.