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Trade Watch: Forget Miguel Tejada

I'm just throwing this out there, because there's never been any talk of the Tigers having an interest in trading for Miguel Tejada. (Although we know there has been interest before, and Dave Dombrowski pursued him as a free agent back in 2003.) I can't imagine the Tigers would've wanted to pay Tejada the near-$34 million he's still owed on his contract through 2009.

But such speculation is now a moot point, anyway. Tejada did not clear waivers, thanks to that frequent thorn in the Tigers' paw, the Chicago White Sox.

Via and Buster Olney:

Tejada was claimed on waivers by the Chicago White Sox, who may be looking for a shortstop as they consider whether or not to pick up the 2008 option on current shortstop Juan Uribe, who is hitting .215 with 11 homers and 43 RBIs. But the Orioles and White Sox did not work out a deal to allow Tejada to go to Chicago. The Orioles will keep Tejada for the rest of the year, sources say.

At least Tejada won't end up in a White Sox uniform (for now). Doesn't their lineup already give Detroit's pitching staff nightmares?