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Five-and-a-Half Back: Athletics 5, Tigers 4

Kind of a late night, so the post-game recap will be short. Unfortunately, it won't be sweet.

Virgil Vasquez wasn't good, and I'm betting that's the last we see of him in a Detroit uniform this season, even if they need another spot start to cover for injuries. The Tigers needed a quality start from him, and the chances of that crumbled in the fourth inning, when Vasquez couldn't keep the A's inside the ballpark.

I didn't think a comeback was imminent (though the bullpen did a fine job in keeping the game close), but Huston Street did the best he could to help the Tigers win the game. He wasn't good at all in the ninth, and Detroit tied the score at 4-4. But they probably should've pushed the go-ahead run across when they had a chance, because Street was much better in the 10th, sitting the Tigers down in order.

You could fault Joel Zumaya for allowing two doubles in the bottom of the 10th, but Timo Perez had a lot to do with Mike Piazza reaching second base to lead off the inning. Not only did he take a bad angle on the ball down the left field line, but he hesitated with his throw, and that gave Piazza an opportunity to rumble out a double. Two pitches later, the game was over.

With Cleveland's come-from-behind win tonight, the Tigers are now 5 1/2 games out of first place. There's a full month left in the season, but that might be just too big a deficit to overcome in the AL Central. At this point, the Wild Card is probably more realistic, as both the Yankees and Mariners lost, keeping the Tigers' gap at three games in those standings.

This one definitely hurt. Justin Verlander has a tough match-up with Dan Haren tomorrow, but the Tigers need him to be as good as he was in his last start. Losing a series isn't really an option if you insist on keeping those (increasingly faint) division title hopes alive.