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Bonderman's Elbow Will Not Go Under the Knife

If it was possible for the Tigers to receive good news regarding Jeremy Bonderman today, they got it. Bondo underwent a MRI exam on his injured right elbow, and no structural damage was found. And that means the elbow won't require surgery.

The truly optimistic out there might say that Bonderman still has a chance to pitch this season if the inflammation in that elbow goes down after some rest, but Jim Leyland says Bonderman won't pitch again this season unless he says he doesn't feel any pain in the elbow. (Considering how well that went last week, the Tigers might want to consider giving Bondo a shot of sodium pentothal before asking him that question.)

No word yet on who will take Bonderman's turn in the rotation. The off day on Thursday would allow Kenny Rogers to pitch in that spot on Saturday if he feels good after tonight's start, and that would give the coaching staff a little more time to reach a decision.