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Open Thread - Game 147: Rangers (69-75) vs. Tigers (79-67)

Edinson Vólquez (2-0, 2.45) vs. Justin Verlander (16-5, 3.56), 7:05 p.m. EST

This game begins with mystery as I'm not exactly sure whether the first name of Texas' starting pitcher is "Edinson" or "Edison." Yahoo! has "Edison," while has "Edinson." The mother ship probably has it right, don't you think? Lone Star Ball also has "Edinson," so I'm going to assume that's the young man's correct first name. The Tigers should be grateful his name isn't "Odinson," because that would mean he's Thor, the God of Thunder, and I'm not sure their lineup is ready to face that kind of hammer. (Did I just let my geek feathers show? I have to watch that...)

Regardless of name, Volquez rocks some impressive dreadlocks in his roster photo, so I'm hoping he's still sporting those. (EDIT: He's not. Drat.) He's also pitched quite well in his two major league starts, giving up just three runs in 11 innings with nine strikeouts. In Triple-A, Volquez had a 14-6 record (3.67 ERA) with 166 strikeouts in 144 2/3 innings. Last time out, he shut out the A's over six innings, allowing only two hits.

On the home side, this Verlander kid has been pitching pretty well for the Tigers. Three straight wins and only two runs allowed over his last 21 2/3 innings looks good. Damn good. I think he just might stick on the roster. He's also been pitching deep into games, which should give a break to a bullpen that's been tapped over the past two days.

Short Hops:

▪▪ According to both Jason Beck and Danny Knobler, the Tigers' starting rotation looks set for the rest of the season. And Jair Jurrjens is a part of it.

▪▪ Mike McClary has posted Episode #30 of The Detroit Tigers Podcast. (I apologize for falling behind in my links, Mr. McClary.)

▪▪ And I'll have more on this tomorrow, but if you happen to stroll by a newsstand, check out page 43 of this week's USA Today Sports Weekly.