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It's Like an Orange On a Toothpick

Tuesday evening was the second annual get-together for Detroit Tigers (and other sports) bloggers at Comerica Park. Once again, Billfer of The Detroit Tigers Weblog did all he could to make it happen. There will be plenty of pictures to share from the evening once Samara (Roar of the Tigers) posts the dozens (and dozens) of photos she snapped from the game, and I'll be sure to pass them along once they're up. But for now, I had to share the first of the images she posted.

Beautiful view of the Detroit evening sky, no? That is, if you can see it over the giant head in the foreground. Who in the hell would walk into a ballpark sporting a parade float for a head? It's a virtual planetoid.

Down in front! Oh wait, that's your head. Sorry.

(Kudos of the day to anyone who can name the movie this post's headline came from.)