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Caught In a Landslide, No Escape From Reality...

It hasn't been an easy 48 hours for Detroit Tigers fans, as we've been forced to accept our team's inferiority to the Cleveland Indians. The past three games shoved it right in our faces like a shaving cream pie, and we're still trying to clean that mess off.

But if you're a believer in the healing power of laughter, the lads at The Big Tilde (The Official Unofficial Magglio Ordoñez for MVP Blog) have provided some elixir for us to sip on throughout today's off-day. Set to the tune of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," ladies and gentlemen, wrap your hearts and minds around "Bohemian Rhapstilde."

If you're able to read those brilliantly adapted lyrics - "Zach Miner? (No!) He will not beat the Tribe (Beat the Tribe!)" - without singing along, you might want to see a doctor and tell him or her you have a missing funny bone. And I fully expect to see a quartet of mulleted baseball fans crammed into an AMC Pacer banging their heads along to this at some point this weekend on the streets surrounding Comerica Park.

And if some daring, visionary photographer can somehow talk Magglio Ordonez into posing like a cloaked-in-shadow Freddie Mercury (you have to make him do the hands), either in the remaining days of the season or some time during the off-season, you, kind sir or madam, will be legendary with Tigers fandom for decades - perhaps centuries - to come.