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Like Stripes On the Fur Coat of a Tiger - 09/22

With the Giants informing Barry Bonds his services are no longer required after this season, it was probably only a matter of time before someone mentioned Detroit as a potential next stop. It's only one sentence, it starts with the word "maybe," and three other teams are listed, but's Jerry Crasnick was quickest with the speculation trigger finger.

Crasnick apparently didn't read Ray Ratto's column in today's San Francisco Chronicle, where he crosses the Tigers off the list of teams that might be interested and punctuates the point with this quote:

And don't play the Jim Leyland card, because Tiger general manager Dave Dombrowski said this week that there was no chance his team would sign Bonds.

Over at Tiger Tales, Lee has figured out what both the Tigers and Yankees need to do for there to be a one-game playoff for the AL Wild Card spot.

Two tales of an infield single: From the Detroit side, the thought of Sean Casey legging out a hit in last night's sixth inning brought chuckles. But in the Royals' clubhouse, Buddy Bell wasn't laughing about allowing a foul ball to land fair.

"I don’t think I’ve ever seen a big-league player let a ball go and let it come back fair," Bell fumed. "That was a bad play. It’s elementary (to make sure the ball stays foul). You learn that in Little League."
Ah, Buddy's got nothing to lose. He's going upstairs to the front office next year, right?

From Take 75 North: The Tigers have no players listed in Baseball America's top 20 Gulf Coast League prospects. Matt has also posted the Tigers that will participate in the Hawaiian Winter Baseball League.

Magglio Ordonez is still one double away from 50 for the season. Once (if?) he gets it, he'll create a unique trio with Craig Biggio and Edgar Martinez, according to Jayson Stark (Insider). They'll be the only three players who have hit 50 doubles in a season, but no triples.