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Sunday Short Hops - 09/23

Jeremy Bonderman tested out his formerly sore elbow yesterday, and it felt so good that the Tigers have announced he'll start Tuesday against Minnesota.

I really don't see the point in doing this. If the Tigers were still realistically in the playoff race, that's one thing. But what does one start at the end of the season prove, other than this shows Bondo should've spoken up about his elbow and had it rested weeks ago?

I missed this a few days ago, but SB Nation's Pittsburgh Pirates blog, Bucs Dugout, posted something on Carlos Guillen and his thoughts on Jack Wilson and Cesar Izturis.

Jon Paul Morosi connects some dots and explores the possibility of Edgar Renteria being the Detroit Tigers' shortstop next season. (Yet he doesn't mention that Renteria hit .276/.335/.385 and committed 30 errors during his 2005 season in the American League, with Boston.)

And if the Tigers aren't interested in Renteria, the White Sox could be.

Today, the Kansas City media takes a turn on speculating whether or not Barry Bonds could play in their city next year.

While we're speculating, if you think Garrett Atkins is someone that could look good in a Tigers uniform next season, Tracy Ringolsby says the Rockies are looking for "a proven starting pitcher and quality prospect."

Otherwise, Colorado might keep Atkins at third base and move hot-shot prospect Ian Stewart over to second (depending on how he plays that position in the instructional league).