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Pre-Game Warm-Ups - 09/06

Jim Leyland confirmed what had become plainly obvious in the Tigers' eyes: Cameron Maybin isn't ready, and very likely won't begin next season in Detroit.

As I asked yesterday, I'm wondering why they bothered calling him up. Does it benefit Maybin's development if the Tigers know what he can't do yet, or was he better off playing every day in a minor league playoff race?

Scott Melkin of lists Gary Sheffield as one of five players who will influence the outcome of a playoff race.

Looking at the Tigers' Wild Card competition, Geoff Baker thinks the Mariners' pitchers got squeezed by the umpires last night. (Kenji Johjima moved his mitt too much?) And Lookout Landing isn't happy, regardless of what was expected from Seattle.

Could a squirrel determine the AL Wild Card race? That furry little rodent has made an appearance on Yankee Stadium's right-field foul pole four times this season, and the Yankees have won each of those games.

Craig Monroe isn't buying into comparisons between this year's Chicago Cubs and last year's Detroit Tigers.