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Jack Wilson: The Trade Rumor That Just Refuses to Die

Despite Dave Littlefield's dismissal in Pittsburgh today, the Freep's Jon Paul Morosi is keeping his torch alive for a Jack Wilson deal.

I just might devote my entire off-season to investigating this. Is Wilson a member of Morosi's family? Did Wilson once prevent Morosi from unknowingly walking into oncoming traffic? How can he keep writing about Wilson without once mentioning how mediocre a player he is?

Morosi also speculates that Dave Dombrowski might give his old friend Littlefield a job in the Tigers' front office.

(Hat tip: Mr. Billfer)

This has nothing to do with the Tigers (or Mariners), but this Rick Ankiel news has me bummed out. I'm starting to wonder if "feel-good" stories are dead for us.

Tigers fans aren't the only ones who thought their team should've dealt for a reliever at the trade deadline.

If you think the Tigers have been playing badly recently, the Mariners' last two weeks makes it all look better.

Adrian Beltre believes in his team's playoff chances.