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Sunday Short Hops - 09/09

There's a nice feature in today's Free Press about Cameron Maybin and how the veteran Detroit Tigers are taking care of him as he tries to figure this major league thing out. How does shopping for suits in Times Square on Magglio Ordonez's dime sound?

Last night's loss to the Tigers was a historic one for the Mariners. According to Geoff Baker, Seattle is the first team since at least 1901 to lose 13 of 14 games after being 20 games over .500 at the 126-game mark of the season.

That kind of history is most certainly not lost on Lookout Landing. Mariners fans are collectively disgusted with... everything.

Coincidence or crisis? The Seattle Times' Larry Stone points out that the Mariners are the first team since 1995 to have a nine-game (or more) losing streak in late August/early September after leading a division or wild card race. The team in 1995 that did it? The California Angels. Their general manager at the time? Current Seattle GM Bill Bavasi.

If you caught Jose Guillen's glove after he tossed it into the stands last night (those two botched fly balls were with you, leather), we want to hear from you. Five years is probably a good time to end a relationship with a glove, anyway.

Also from that game story: Ichiro wouldn't take the bait when Geoff Baker asked him if he thought major league umpiring (specifically Brian Gorman?) was "unprofessional."

Did the Tigers cost the Toledo Mud Hens a playoff victory? Some Toledo Mud Hens fans might feel that way. But, as Dave Hackenberg writes in the Toledo Blade, the Tigers didn't have a choice, and Mud Hens fans should be happy those players get to participate in (and contribute to) a big league playoff face.