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Chris Shelton's Slope Stays Slippery

When Chris Shelton was released by the Tigers at the end of November, Detroit fans - knowing that there was no longer a place for him on the team - seemed to be relieved for the guy. At least he'd find a job elsewhere.

So Shelton signed with the Texas Rangers, and rays of sunshine began to poke through the cloud his major league career had become. Rangers fans were happy about picking Shelton up, as well, surely remembering the hitting clinic he conducted in April of 2006, and imagining he'd use Ameriquest Field as his own personal pinball machine for the home team.

Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen, now that the Rangers have designated Shelton for assignment. DFA'd by two teams in six weeks? That has to hurt.

Shelton's status in Texas was shaky from the start. Shortly after his signing, the Rangers also looked into signing Sean Casey, which seemed to indicate that they weren't total believers in a Shelton revival. And once Ben Broussard was acquired from the Seattle Mariners, Shelton shuffled further down the first base/DH totem pole. His lack of position versatility (inability to play the outfield, for instance) surely didn't help matters.

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