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No More Dotel Posts From Me

Okay, I can retire my "The Tigers Should Sign Octavio Dotel" campaign now. The last big reliever on the free agent market has signed with a major league team, and perhaps unfortunately, he's in the AL Central. Dotel has agreed to a two-year contract (worth $11 million) with the Chicago White Sox.

At least that's what MLB Trade Rumors says, citing a report from Impacto Deportivo (translated for our benefit). This news hasn't made it to either of the Chicago newspapers, White Sox blogs (Joe Crede's one-year contract is the news of the day so far), nor any of the wire services yet.

In our latest poll, the White Sox are the AL Central opponent deemed to have had the best offseason. This would seem to strengthen that opinion. An already formidable bullpen has added Scott Linebrink and Dotel. Nick Swisher provides some pop in the outfield (or a replacement at first, if Paul Konerko is dealt), along with Carlos Quentin. I'm still scratching my head over the Jon Garland-for-Orlando Cabrera deal when Juan Uribe was also re-signed, but maybe one of those guys moves over to second base.

So what do you guys think? Are the White Sox up there with the Tigers and Indians in the AL Central? Does Ozzie Guillen have something to thump his chest about?