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Grand Rapids Defends Brandon Inge

On Saturday, I noted David Mayo's unfair criticism of Brandon Inge in the Grand Rapids Press for opting not to speak to the media during or after his promotional appearance at the previous night's Grand Rapids Griffins hockey game. Instead of posting something here, maybe I should've written a letter to Mayo's editor. A bunch of GRP readers did.

Check out some of these comments:

It's no secret that journalistic integrity is rapidly vanishing from the media landscape. If this is the drivel that's derived from Mayo's unsuccessful attempt at an ambush interview, why would anybody in their right mind say anything and risk being misquoted and taken out of context? Brandon Inge accomplished one thing on his trip to Grand Rapids. He proved true the term, "the less said-the better."
Dave's feelings were obviously hurt. He writes like a schoolboy in tears who, after being told his favorite player won't sign autographs today, torches his idol's baseball card and refuses to ever like him again. His article makes it sound like he may never recover.

Mayo's burned bubble gum card is this pathetic, self-serving column. He tries to sound like a baron of the sportswriter guild, wielding his clout in the defense of free press, but he comes across with all the wrath of a jilted bride. Hell apparently hath no fury like a spurned sportswriter.

My 4-year-old daughter Abby didn't get ice cream for dessert due to her poor behavior at the dinner table, so she stomped off and cried, "That's not fair!"

See the similarities here?

Okay, you get the point. The people came to Inge's defense, and when fans attack... well, if you saw Cloverfield, it's kind of like that scene in the subway tunnel. [obligatory monthly pop culture reference]

Mess with Inge, and you might get singed, baby.